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Breeding plans

Angel In Fur | American Akita (Americká akita)

Our main goal is to produce only healthy and beautiful puppies with lovely character. That´s why we plan all matings a lot in advance and we want to produce not only the best bloodline abut also to join similar genotype.



SPRING 2014 

We have one outstandning combinations planned for this year. Both parents are HIP score Excellent, Thyroid normal and eyes clear.

Inquiries welcome & puppy reservation is possible via e-mail: info@americanakita.cz

 Ch.Kumatomo´s Shades of Grey at Melodor "Shady"


 Geilsaven All This and More "Sherry"


















Ch.Kumatomo´s Shades of Grey at Melodor





Ch.Melodor Master of   Disquise


Ch.Regalia CR Crosssfyre 

Ch.regalia American Emblem

Ch.Huntmere Regalia Bonfyre


Ch.Ruthdales Don´t Give Me Evils at Melodor

Ch.T´Stone Raja Regalia on Buckridge

Ch.Ruthdales Personal Vendeta



 Kumatomo´s Living Doll


Ch.Kumatomo Ring Master 

Kumatomo Look and Learn at Shizaru

Kumatomo Storm Ahead


Sukari Red Hot Mamma

Ch.Nosferatu Nemesis for Sukari 

Ch.Redwitch Chance a Glance






Geilsaven All This And More



Rossimon Norfolk and Chance With Minioso 



Rossimon One More Chance 

Redwitch I Rest My Case 

Krystaka Dream Girl 


Rossimon She Who Dares 

Redwitch Feel Free to Stare 

Krystaka Dream Girl 



  Geilsaven Somethin Else at Buttermil 


Keskai Best of British

Redwitch Feel Free to Stare 

Keskai Witches Brew 


Fricarrie Sweet Gypsy Rose at Geilsaven 

Louiston Don´t Stop The Dance at Geilsaven 

Satrebor Happy Hour