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About us

Angel In Fur | American Akita (Americká akita)

We´re Dana and Michal Zampach and we have small and family American Akita kennel. We live in a small residential town Roztoky at the northwestern outskirts of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.


We brought our very first American Akita, Aldo Chikara Chi, in 2008. After we knew his unique character, individuality and huge loyalty at the same time, we were sure the American Akita is the right breed for us. Our second Akita, Miss Misha at Melodor, came from Scotland a year after. We were convinced we want to dedicate ourselves forever to these beautiful dogs with open heart.


All our dogs move free in the yard, they can enter the house during the day and just if necessary they´re inside the kennel. Mostly it´s if our bitches are in season or to ensure safety if we are not at home. Of course we go for regular walks during the day and we also take them to hiking during the weekends. We spend our holidays altogether usually in the mountains.


We´re learning more and more about this great breed every day, and we still get surprised by something new. Not only our dogs are helping us with this task - it´s also our friends in our country (Marketa Oravcova - Samara Bohemia kennel) or from abroad ( Ellen and Joe O´Neill - Geilsaven Akitas kennel). A big thank you belongs to all of them that they guide us and mentor.